by jajamoo

Today’s “Thing” was about Image Sharing. The internet obviously has countless images to look at but Image Sharing websites have come along to help us organize the many images and help us search for the images we want to see. One of the best image searches to use is Google Images. This portion of the Google Search Engine helps you search (very specifically, if desired) for images. The excellent Google search engine’s considerable abilities are put to use here to find the perfect image for your school project, job presentation, or dektop wallpaper.

A website dedicated completely to images is Flickr, a website which not only lets you search for images, but allows you to create an online profile and account, which then allows you to upload your own photos, join like-minded people ,who may share your taste in certain types of images, in communities. The great thing about Flickr is that it lets you edit the photos you uploaded there and then, on the spot! So, instead of having to use photo editing software (which can be hard to use or expensive to buy and own), you can quickly do some simple photo editing right there on the website, such as eliminating the “redeye” effect and cropping (which entails cutting out portions of a photo).

Lastly, the really cool thing about Flickr is the whole idea of the Commons, which (like the farming and animal husbandry concept of having a communal grazing land owned by no single individual or institution) is a common pool of photos which people on the internet can freely use without worrying about copyrights, trademarks, or other issues of intellectual property. For example, if you do a search for “cat” in the Commons search engine, many pictures come up (some of which are irrelevant to my search, which was searching for the cuddly, domesticated feline). After clicking on the thumbnail of a picture in the search, you are taken to the picture, under which you will find information, including whether there are any known copyright restrictions. This picture, which I found, said that there were no known copyright restrictions, meaning I could safely post this picture onto my blog without worrying about my using of another’s picture without proper citation or credit. Here is the picture I picked:


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