Today’s “Thing” was about Cloud computing. “Cloud” in this context stands for a collaborative effort which is saved on the internet, instead of locally on your or someone else’s hard drive. This innovation seems very small but it has significant consequences. For example, the way that people collaborate has changed very much. Now, instead of emailing several copies to the members on a hypothetical team working on some hypothetical project, all of the members could be working on the same project simultaneously while saving their work in the cloud. Now, instead of the members having to compare their own copies, the people working on said project can see the project change in real time, as it is changed.

I personally found this innovation very helpful and I believe that it can be applied to many things, not just businesses (as the Common Craft video showed us, an example of how cloud computing can help a business stay organized and prosper). I think that eventually, schools should teach kids how to effectively use cloud computing in collaborative efforts in education. This way, even if all members of a school project can’t be together in a physical location, they can still collaborate in real-time to create school projects. An excellent illustration of this was the email that our professor Dr. Ackermann sent us, which contained a link that led to an already published chapter of a textbook for our class to edit on Google Documents. I was the one who added the Figure 9.7, the screen shot after the search for “virunga rwanda.”

In addition, here is a link to a survey that I myself created on Google Docs. I am sharing a link because the file would not embed properly.


  1. slang on 06.09.2010

    I definitely agree with you, the cloud is an awesome innovation that is helpful to anyone and can be applied to practically every discipline. Also, it would be a great idea to be able for school to teach students how to use cloud computing to collaborate on projects, or even just to help each other out on a given topic.

  2. anna on 06.09.2010

    I participated in the survey. There’s no option for people that live on campus, though! 🙁

    Still, it’s cool that you made your own. And I agree, the cloud is really cool.

  3. ZakT on 06.17.2010

    The cloud is one of the most important innovations of the web. It is an excellent way to encourage group thought, which is very important for our society because our culture values individual thought of group thought. Other countries such as Japan think in a more team-oriented sense. Both ways of thinking have their respective advantages and disadvantages, and hopefully this development will be able to help develop our country’s teamwork skills.