Friday’s topic was concerning social bookmarking and tagging. I found the introductory portion of this topic the most interesting. Our professor, Dr. Ackermann, talked about the inherent human need to order and classify things. I was most intrigued about what he had to say about the taxonomy (or classification systems) of the biological sciences and medical sciences. This introduction was a great place to start because it helped our class understand the concept of social bookmarking and tagging in its most basic and conceptual sense.

He later moved on to such websites as Delicious, a site that lets you, the internet user, “tag” certain websites using keywords that you define and helps you identify web sites based on the words that would best help you remember said tagged website. Tags are keywords that, when typed in, lets you find the website which is associated to a tag or multiple tags. This was a very interesting site to examine, as it let you tag the websites inside Delicious, not the arbitrary tagging of someone else on the internet. A similar website that we examined in the “Hands-On Activities” portion of the lesson was Connotea, a website which was similar to Delicious in that it let you organize websites according to tags and then further divide the websites into groups. Diigo is a website which has followers (much like the followers on Twitter) that can see how you have tagged certain websites and web pages. Today’s lesson, while not the one with the most bells and whistles, helped me realize a way to organize the mess of websites and information that make up the Internet (or at least, the part of the mess that I am interested in).


  1. ernest ackermann on 06.07.2010

    It was Thursday’s class, not Friday.

    Glad you liked the intro.