by jajamoo

Today’s topic was podcasts, an inevitable topic to study for this course, as Podcasts have come to be a mainstay on the Internet. I find podcasts to  be the modern day equivalent to radio or television in their days of peak popularity. It’s really easy to find podcasts (via iTunes — http://www.itunes.com, Apple’s multimedia hub for all things entertainment; or PodcastAlley  http://www.podcastalley.com, a search engine you can use to look for various podcasts.) For class, we had to listen to some podcasts based on small businesses through Podcast Pickle (http://www.podcastpickle.com), another podcast search engine. Although the actual subject of small businesses was boring to me, I was able to find numerous podcasts concerning small businesses and listened to some of them.

Podcasts that I enjoy are the ones about the things I love (obviously). For example, any of the podcasts on the Hot Spot (http://www.gamespot.com/pages/features/hotspot/index.php), Gamespot’s podcasts about anything and everything gaming related, are an absolute joy to listen to: they are well thought out, have cogent, coherent arguments (if any) and well structured (in terms of organization, layout and time).

My other favorite podcast is the one on Dorkshelf (http://www.dorkshelf.com), a site about all things “geeky”: comics, video games, and movies. My personal friend Will Perkins is both in charge of the website and regularly speaks in the podcasts. Although these podcasts can run well over one hour long, it is personally a pleasure to hear my friend Will and crew sit around the microphone, blasting or lauding their favorite games, movies, or comic books.


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