by jajamoo

Hey folks, here is my 1200 word research paper and bibliography fiest draft for all of you goobers to read, add suggestions, etc.



My Paper




  1. ernie on 06.01.2010

    You asked for comments:
    I’m troubled by some of the statements you make in your paper without any support. For example “Secondly, there cannot be 11.5 million people who are socially “hindered” by this game. ” Yet you give no supporting citation or information other than your opinion. You are a wonderful. talented person, but when it comes to research, your opinion isn’t good enough for me.

    Likewise for “news of MMOGs absolutely taking over the lives of some individual who traps him- or herself inside and does nothing but play all day long” would be much stronger if there were a citation that went with this. Perhaps its only urban legend. Back up your statements with citations.

    You say there are 11.5 million subscribers to WoW but that is the figure in a citation from 2008. What is the current figure?

  2. ZakT on 06.17.2010

    The current amount of players is starting to level off around 11-12 million, although an expansion is going to be released soon, so that should really boost the numbers.

    I think it’s important to note that just because someone plays an MMORPG it doesn’t mean that they are automatically socially hindered or experience some other detrimental effect as a result of playing.

    And, correlation doesn’t mean causation. People who are already “socially hindered” may be more likely to play an MMORPG.

    And it could possibly be argued that those who are socially hindered can turn to an MMORPG for acceptance, meaning that the playing of the MMORPG could be beneficial in certain cases.