by jajamoo

Social networking has grown exponentially from it was first introduced in the 90s. Socializing is no longer something one does at the physical, face-to-face level anymore. Want to catch up with that old friend from college who lives currently on the other side of the country? Now, there’s no need to spend up money, take off from work, get on an overpriced plane, and physically go over to have a chat with him Instead, you turn on your PC and leave a wall message for him on the social networking site http://www.facebook.com/, an eclectic social networking site where you can share stories, movies, pictures, sent invites to plans made on Facebook, and write on other people’s “walls,” the equivalent of a whiteboard you can write on with a sharpie. Conversely, other people can do the same on your wall, which makes facebook an extremely useful tool to connect or re-connect to people know (or might not know so well).
The ability to connect to other people is astounding, as Facebook is not the only social networking website out there. I will name and describe shortly a few of the newer social networking sites out there on the Internet.


– Plurk can be described as Facebook-lite, with some different features. Plurk has a long timeline which you add events to remind you of them. More importantly, PLurk consolidates Facebook, Yahoo, and Twitter by showing updates from aforementioned social networking or microblogging sites on the blue area in the top. This would be useful to not have to check each and every social networking or microblogging site for the latest updates.


– Ning is the social platform for the world’s interests and passions online. Millions of people every day are coming together across Ning to explore and express their interests, discover new passions, and meet new people around shared pursuits. Ning is just basically a site that pulls people into groups that have similar tastes and lets the discuss and discover their passions.

Of course, there are countless more, but there are the ones that I found most interesting and easy to use.


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