by jajamoo

I find this post to be particularly interesting, as it is a blog post about blogging. It’s like doing a senior thesis on senior theses. Anyway, I figured this post would be a perfect time for me to share a few of the blogs that I read sometimes. I say sometimes because I don’t really read blogs as much as I used to and don’t spend nearly as much time as I used to at a computer. I will follow each link with a short description about the blog and why I enjoy the content of said blog.



This is DorkShelf.com, a blog that reviews, comments on, and examines various video games, comics, and movies. This is run by a personal friend of mine named Will, who lives in Toronto. Along with the fact that this is an independent blog with no affiliations with any of the things that are blogged about, the writing is sharp, the podcasts are interesting (and at times, hilarious), and the dudes running the blog are chill.

This is quite possibly my favorite blog concerning super-heroes, super-villains, and all things comic-y and/or nerdy. Run by the LA Times, this blog, various writers contribute to the blog, making each piece fresh, unique, and varied. This eclecticism can make each post very different: posts can range from witty criticisms to analysis of rumors.



Another quirky Canadian blog, this blog is a guilty pleasure of mine. It is run by a waifish, air-headed Canadian woman (girl) named Raymi and for some reason, this blog has garnered some high praise from the blogosphere pundits in Canada. These accolades lead me to believe that either the pundits that review and give awards to bloggers are complete morons or Canada has very few bloggers who can string together a coherent sentence, let alone post something on her blog that is intelligible or a blast to read. So, why do I read Raymi’s blog? The pictures are purty and well photographed.


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